Succulent Styling 

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actual home staging by succulent styling
matatua rd, raumati beach

Getting the assistance of a professional home stager can help sell your property for more money and faster. This is because of the initial visual impact and attention that staging has. It creates the ability to stand out online. Once this is achieved, staging ensures your potential buyer is more engaged and most likely to develop an emotional attachment. This has the effect of also making your Real Estate Agent’s job that much easier. Why? Potential buyers will often stay longer in a staged home for sale than in an empty property. This creates more opportunities for your estate agent to engage with potential buyers and overcome their objections and create a sense of competition and urgency.


Trudy Reeves

Owner/ Leading Stylist

Cert of Interior Decor, S.I.T (2020)



actual home staging by succulent styling
johnston st, foxton