Working with Succulent Styling


You have a home to sell. That might make you a little apprehensive and a lot excited. 

Maybe your real estate agent suggested a home stager, or you already know this is part of selling a home. Either way, we can easily assist you in making your home ready for sale. 

So what is next? 

Email us. The basic cost is listed on the website See here. It shouldn't be a surprise what the cost will be. 

Free consultation

This helps us to gather the details we need if we were to stage your home. We would be looking at the style of your home, the existing features, and how to place our furniture to maximise your selling price.  

Succulent Styling's  difference

Our collection of furniture is not cookie cutter. We have collected over time, a range of items that are recognised by many home owners of all ages. This is supplemented with current design trend items across a range of styles and price points. 

We work with your real estate agent

At Succulent Styling, we are happy to liaise with your real estate agent or work directly with you. 



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Our Team
Trudy Reeves
Trudy Reeves

Owner and property stylist.

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Scott Phillips
Scott Phillips

Logistics, administrator, driver and coffee bringer.

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