from $900 ex GST

Up to 60m2                            $900

Over 60m2 to 90m2            $1150

91m2 to 120m2                   $1250

Over 120m2 to 159m2        $1400

160m2 to 175m2                 $1600

176m2 to 210m2                 $1800

This service is priced on the size of your home. It covers

  • all bedrooms and bathrooms

  • kitchen and dining

  • one living room/lounge.

  • Also include an entrance/hallway

Price includes 6 weeks of staging. 

Pricing for staging additional spaces are


(per setting) 

small $100         Large               $250

Second Lounge    approx          $300

Bigger or smaller? Just email and ask for an affordable quote. 

 NB House size information will be gathered from local council records or owner.




from $250 ex GST

1 Bedroom                                            $250

Lounge                                                       $350

Kitchen and dining                                    $250


Other combos can be put together.  


If you want to give buyers a sample of your property's potential, or this suits your budget better, a partial staging service could work well for you.


Price includes 6 weeks of staging. 




please ask

Pricing starts from $450. 

Please email for more details on this integrated home staging option.


please ask